Lash Application

Using tweezers, gently remove lashes from the tray by the outer edge of the lash band. Never tug on the fur or individual strands.

Check eyelash fit by aligning it with your natural lash line. Trim away excess from the outer edges only.

Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the lash band, wait 30 seconds, or until glue becomes tacky.

Using your fingers or a pair of tweezers, apply to eyelid as close to natural lash line as possible. Secure inner and outer corners by pushing down to the corners of your eyes.

Lash Removal

Dab oil-free makeup remover on a cotton swab {or use a makeup wipe} and wipe along the band of the lashes. Wait about 15 seconds for the glue to dissolve. Repeat as needed.

Remove lashes by gently pulling from the outer corner of the eyes. Lashes should come off eyes effortlessly. Never tug on the fur or individual strands.

Carefully peel {with your fingertips or tweezers} or wipe off remnants of lash glue from the lash band with a moist cotton swab or makeup wipe.

To keep your lashes in perfect condition, store your mink lashes in your WINKology® lash box after each use, to help retain their shape and to protect from dust.

Lash Care

Use an  eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes. NEVER curl your mink lashes because it will not result in a natural shape curl.

Use any lash glue designed for use with strip lashes. DO NOT use lash glue designed for use with individual lashes.

Do not soak or clean your lashes with water or other chemicals. This will ruin the natural curl and quality and will shorten the life span of lashes. If your mink lashes become dusty, gently rub lashes with a dry cotton swab.

Never coat lashes with mascara or other products.